About Me

I rediscovered the joy in creating things while I was pregnant with my daughter in 2005. During that time, I started sewing again (mostly cloth diapers), I re-learned to knit, and that set off a renewed obsession with all things fiber… and it hasn’t stopped.

I spin, I sew, I make things, and occasionally I write about them. It’s been more difficult to find the time to update my blog since baby #3 arrived in 2007, but every once in a while I make an effort at it (well, I try, anyways – I usually get distracted and spend more time tinkering with the design).

As a homeschooling mom of 3, my time is fairly limited these days, but when I am able to, I stock custom handmade sock spots, and occasionally hand-spun or hand-dyed yarns with Tiny Lady Cooperative on Hyenacart.

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