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Oh yeah, I have a blog…

posted Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

I’ve been pretty busy lately, but somehow I never managed to post about anything – OOPS!!!

Lufaloo LongiesAnyways, I completed another pair of longies for Kaia, knit from Zen String’s Nirvana Worsted in Lufaloo (and trimmed with Paton’s Merino I dyed purple to match). I really wasn’t sure about these as I started work on them, but I’m quite happy with how they came out – the colorway is a really great “goes with almost everything” one, so I don’t have to be real picky about what shirts I pair them with.

Baby CardiganThen I knit a sweater for the new baby, from Zen String’s Serendipity Sport in Autumnal Rainbow. I really really REALLY love this yarn, and the sweater is almost painfully cute! I’m very pleased with how it came out, and I only used a little bit of the second skein, which means I have enough of this yarn left to do something else with – I may eventually make myself a pair of socks with it.

Very Baby AIO's Then I got this sudden “oh crud, I need more easy diapers for DH before the baby is here” urge and made a bunch of Very Baby AIO’s.. I had to stop myself from making more. They are painfully cute!