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Two sleeves down..

posted Saturday, September 29th, 2007

..and I think my finger is paying the price. It doesn’t help that about a week ago I got superglue on my fingertip (I was fixing my sunglasses). Then my skin cracked at the edge of the glue – right where I tend to push on the tip of the knitting needle to scoot stitches along towards the tip. It doesn’t help that the options tips are REALLY pointy. Well, it helps while knitting, and I really like them, normally, but now I’ve got a major ouchy spot right where I *really* don’t need one. So I think I’m going to take a break from the tangled yoke for a few days so it can heal some, unless I am magically able to find a thimble that works for me.

But it’s hard to believe it’s over halfway finished now! I know I still have quite a bit of knitting left to do, but I’d estimate that I’m actually 60-70% finished… that’s pretty good, I think, considering it’s my first sweater for me, I bought the yarn just two weeks ago, and I’ve got the “fun” part still to do (which motivates me to keep knitting)!

And, with relatively short notice.. we picked up our bunny this afternoon!

Aww :) Bunny

DH is quite amused by him… I don’t think he quite got why I wanted this bunny and he’s still a bit confused as to why he looks so ‘goofy’. He is so much smaller than he looks, too.. under all the fluff he’s still a tiny little baby bunny! He’s two months old today, which makes him exactly 3 weeks younger than Odin 🙂


posted Monday, September 24th, 2007



From Zen String’s September Fiber Club – 111g, 365yds, 11WPI (it’s fluffy though, so it’s really more of a lighter DK weight).

Ravelry is baaaaaad…

posted Sunday, September 16th, 2007

Because I keep finding new things that I need to knit.

I currently only have 3 WIP’s, but then I have 24 (!!!!) items in my queue.. so far. I truly intend to make all but a couple of those – those I only queue’d becuase I thought my mom (who is not on Ravelry.. yet!) might be interested in them, and it was an easy way to keep track.

If only I had all the time in the world to knit!

I’m officially one hank (out of 10) into my tangled yoke cardigan. That means I’m just a few rows short of finishing the garter rib at the bottom of the body before starting on the “miles and miles of stockinette” as someone referred to it, but I need to wind more yarn before I can continue. It’s honestly going much faster than I expected – I haven’t really felt like I’ve had much time at all to knit over the past few days, so to have 5″ done already is pretty good 😀

I finished the babywearer!

posted Friday, September 14th, 2007

I’m glad, because now it’s off the needles and I don’t have to procrastinate any more about getting it done.. since I knit most of it in about two days and then totally lost momentum!


See, it was all going well until halfway through the second bottom extension I realized that it was just WAY too long for me.. it felt like it came halfway to my knees, and it just really didn’t look right. So I just cast-off the one side where I was, and then I had to frog about 6″ of boucle yarn.. not fun at all! But I did it, and aside from the fact that this thing is insanely HOT in already hot weather (which explains the lack of pants or shoes on the kiddo) and it sheds like crazy, I do like it… I will be making another at some point with a MUCH lighter weight yarn, probably a DK weight or similar knit on 9’s or 10’s to make it light, airy, and drapey. It’s a brilliant idea.. and I’m sure the kiddos will be warm while wearing it 🙂

Kaia thought the remnants of what I frogged were too temptin to resist… so she “made” herself something to wear [LOL] She’s just WAY too cute sometimes!

Kaia Wearing Yarn

So since I finished it, I’ve allowed myself to start on another “big” project… the tangled yoke cardigan from the current issue of interweave knits.

I bought the yarn yesterday, and I’ve gotten a slight start on knitting 🙂 I’ve set a goal to finish it by Kid ‘n Ewe in November, which I think is doable – we’ll just see if it happens!

Silky Wool Tangled Yoke Cardigan

Oh, and see those stitch markers? My friend Nesreen sent them to me.. and they’re great. The wire is flexible so they really don’t get in the way of knitting at all, plus I *love* the millefleur beads.

Stitch markers

My first handspun sweater!

posted Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

I finished this finally, after being sidetracked by knitting for SIL’s babyshower last week. It’s my first sweater knit from my own handspun, and I have a lot leftover too 🙂

Kaia's Sweater-6Kaia's Sweater-2

There are more pictures in flickr 🙂

I also made another needle case, this time making a few changes.. mainly making it shorter. I’m happier with this one than the first one (I think it’s more functional), but there are still a few changes I think I will make for the next one..

Needle Case #2
Needle Case #2 inside Needle Case #2 inside

The next one will have multiple colors for the interior… and it will be yet again a different size 😉

Needle case #3 fabrics

I also put a lining into my little felted bag.. and I put a typical assortment of stuff in it so you can see how pathetically cute the thing really is [LOL]

felted bag inside