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Saturday Shopping

posted Saturday, February 16th, 2008

DH worked all day since he missed a few days last week, so I called my mom over for lunch and a trip to the yarn store.. and I came home with a few skeins of sock yarn. Nothing I liked had matching skeins, so I’ll have “matching” unmatched socks, I suppose? At least they’re close enough to look almost convincing, until sometimes clicks and makes you look twice…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

posted Thursday, February 14th, 2008

(yes I know I’m cheating with the timestamp – HUSH!!!)

I dyed this up on 3ply 100purewool as a custom for one of my online friends 🙂 It has matching trim too, but I didn’t get a pic of that before I got it all ready to ship.



Aptly named “Valentine” -I absolutely love how this came out! I’ll be dyeing some more for myelf once I get some more base yarn. Right now I pretty much have nothing left to dye in the house but fiber 🙁

What a nice surprise!

posted Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

A friend of mine on a message board I visit asked me to knit a pair of longies for her son, and when I opened up the package today, not knowing what yarn she’d sent me, I discovered one of my favorite colorways from Zen String (Sedona), on one of my favorite yarns to knit with (the “old” Nirvana Worsted). I can’t wait to get started on these…

It's like Christmas!

I think the trim is Bliss, but I’m really not sure…. it didn’t come labeled so it could be almost anything.

I finished my sister’s iphone sock, one sock, and about 1/4 of a second sock, but no pictures of those until they are done and mailed off (and I know she’s gotten them) since I want them to be a surprise (you know, since she’s one of only a few people that read my blog, I can’t post any spoilers) 🙂

More Wise (Wiser?)

posted Friday, February 8th, 2008

Yes, I’m beginning to grow tired of it too.. well, almost.. lol!

Wise Shorties

I knit these adorable shorties for a friend of mine who is expecting her first little boy (after two adorable girls!) this summer. I am so happy with how they came out, and I had *just* enough yarn for them. I just need to get my label sewn on them and get them mailed off.

Then, I used up a bit of my sock yarn… not much, mind you, but enough that I don’t feel nearly as bad about having all of it just sitting (for now).

Oh, Heather :)

I got a new toy, and decided it was cold.. and it needed a “sock” 🙂 I love the color.. it’s Kalamata from Yarn Pirate.

…oh, and I’m behind on my sock knitting too…

posted Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

but I don’t have any pics at the moment of that to show off 🙂

I gave some of my sock yarn to my mom because it would be perfect for my sister, but as far as I know not much progress has been made on those…

However, since sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, I’m not terribly concerned about having any excess 😉