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Lots ‘o crafty goodness inside!

posted Saturday, June 28th, 2008

My mom rocks.. she brought over her old Koala Cabinet this morning because her new super fancy machine doesn’t fit anymore πŸ™‚ She actually got it as part of a package deal when she bought the sewing machine I have now (which she gifted to me 3 years ago) and I’ve wanted something similar, but I didn’t want to shell out the money, even for a “cheap” version of it…


Rising Leaves :)

posted Friday, June 27th, 2008

All done… totally comfy too, despite being MUCH taller than I’d normally make my socks… just uh, ignore the fact that I need to shave, k?Β  I’m loving the mismatchy-ness of them.. good thing I have 2 more skeins of mis-matched yarn for another pair.. not sure what pattern I’ll be using, but I was thinking spring forward from the most recent KnittyΒ  πŸ™‚

Rising Leaves

I need to get back on track with a couple of my current WIP’s… but I’m also working on a pattern I plan on submitting to Knitty!Β  Writing it up is proving to be quite a challenge… plus I’m waiting on the yarn I plan to knit my sample in (so far I’ve only done what equates to a giant swatch, to make sure the pattern will work).Β  It will be super duper cute though, I hope they’ll accept it!

Stripey Bag!

posted Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Is finished! πŸ˜€


I totally love how it came out, even though it took longer to finish than I thought it would.Β  I only got 4 squares done while I was out of town, though I left here with 8, so that meant I only had 4 more plus all the seaming once I got back.Β  I almost want to make another one πŸ™‚

I started on a new pair of socks before I left, and I’m almost done with the first one now, just another repeat and a half of the pattern, then the cuff, and I can cast on the next one. (shown when the first was only half finished)

Falling Leaves

In the spirit of staying in a small cabin in the mountains…

posted Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I thought I’d post this. I saw it on a friend’s LJ, and it was too funny not to do myself.. even though I don’t normally put this kind of stuff on my public blog πŸ™‚

Amazingly enough, skunk is not on there. I saw a skunk about THREE FEET from my front door this afternoon! Thankfully it just took one look at me and the great big bag of trash I was wielding and quickly ran away (though I had, quite smartly, immediately shut the door, you know, just in case).

A quick update before I leave

posted Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

I know I’ll be too busy with last minute details tomorrow to remember, but Thursday I am heading out with the kids towards Estes Park! We’ll be there Saturday morning, after which we will continue on our way (a 7 hour drive) to our vacation destination – a cozy little cabin nestled in the mountains.

I will try to update while I’m gone (likely the rest of the month), but I can’t promise anything. I’ll have my computer, and I’ll have internet, but what I may very well lack is TIME. Always a problem with three kids, but take three kids away from home and it seems to cease existing πŸ™‚

I did finish a pair of socks last night though! πŸ™‚ I wore them all day today, and they’re super comfortable. I’m not terribly happy with how the yarn pooled, but at least it pooled evenly, and just my luck – the large color patches at the tops of the socks are on opposite sides, so they’re all matchy matchy πŸ˜‰

Raveling Leaves

I cast on for another pair as well, and I’m almost halfway through the first one.. don’t think I have any hope of getting the pair done before I leave, so they’ll be going with me, as well as yarn for another pair. I decided I’m going to travel lite, and if I find myself needing something else to knit, odds are good I’ll have picked up something at the wool market, or if I get super desperate there is a cute little yarn shop about 10 miles away in Ridgeway (assuming it is still there – I think it is though). Not that I won’t be stopping there anyways, of course πŸ™‚

The yarn for my afghan arrived, and I decided it would take up too much room if I took it with me, so that will be postponed for a while.

I tracked down some Sugar’n Cream Stripes! I’ve been wanting to get some of this for a while.. I have a tote bag in mind for it, and I probably will take that with me.



Work on my lace top has stalled – I got distracted by the socks since the weather is set to be a bit chilly compared to here, so I was compelled to make something warm for my feet. I plan on picking it up again when I get back.

I upgraded my blog software yesterday, and I fixed a few bugs with my theme that had been bothering me for a while – I just hadn’t been motivated enough to fix them. I tweaked the styling for my progress bars a little bit, and I also added support for Gravatars in comments. I also cleaned up a few other details like using widgets for my sidebar instead of coding it all out by hand.