I don’t know why it took me so long…

posted Friday, August 8th, 2008 by Sarah

To get back to my wheel 😀  I know I spent a good part of lasy year unable to spin – late in my pregnancy with my youngest I couldn’t sit for very long without my legs going numb, and then of course I had a newborn (though I did have a very brief and absolutely fabulous span of about a month in there where I mastered nursing/babywearing and spinning.. then he of course had to discover hands were good for grabbing things, and that was the end of that.  This year though, aside from distractions and lack of motivation, I really had no good reason NOT to spin.. I just hadn’t been.

Here’s the yarn I started 7 months ago.. finally finished.  I’m thrilled with it, of course 😉  Final stats are 110g and 568yds, I’m not sure of the WPI since I can’t find my WPI tool.



Then I’ve started on some of my Zen String fiber stash.  Since hopefully after our fundraiser she’ll be all moved, settled in, and dyeing again soon enough, I’m not nearly as afraid of using all of my stash up anymore – since I feel very secure in the thought that soon enough, there will be more.. LOTS more 😀

This is Fern Gully, and an “action” shot 🙂


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  2. Beautiful yarn. And I love the “action” shot!

    By Pam on Aug 8, 2008

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