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Spinning again

posted Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

I started on this blended batt a while back (so long I have no idea what’s even in it, though I do remember buying it, at least!) and thought I should go ahead and make some progress on it, since I haven’t touched my wheel at all, in about 6 months!  This is a handful away from finishing the first bobbin.  I’m hoping I’ll have the rest finished and plied this weekend.  It’s a fun blend of blues, greens, purple, and a bit of pink here and there, and some white fibers that I can’t identify – I thought at first they might be silk, but now I’m honestly leaning more towards them being nylon.  That’s not really a problem, I think this yarn is destined to become socks when it’s finished 🙂

Spinning again :)

Mmmm.. fibery 🙂


Raffle winners should be announced on Saturday for the Zen String Raffles (we are waiting on Angelina to draw the #’s that will determine the winners).. the raffles did phenomenally well, and we’ll post the totals for entries as well as the final amount raised for Angelina after the last of the auctions end tomorrow.