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Owl Clip Pattern

posted Thursday, September 25th, 2008

Because a few of you asked for it, here it is!

Owl Hair Clip
Owl Hair Clip Pattern – 512KB

Oh right.. the blog.

posted Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Yeah… uh, guess I forgot to post stuff, again 🙂  I haven’t really been up to a WHOLE lot lately.. honest 🙂

I got a new camera as a late birthday present, so I’ve been off taking pictures, not crafting. My son went back to school, my daughter also started preschool, and my youngest is trying his hardest to walk.

After my futile attempt at knitting 17 pairs of socks for the Ravelympics (I only logged 6 of the 7 I know I finished) I finally got the Legare out again Monday, and knit up a couple of pairs.. first a pair from this month’s Yarn Pirate Booty Club 🙂

hard cider

and then some from some Panda Silk I wanted to try out.. I really REALLY like how it works up on the CSM, when it all goes right.  There was supposed to be another pair in another colorway for my sister, but um, we had issues and I’m not gonna go there.

Panda Silk Socks

I sat down today and made a pair of hairclips.. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, I just didn’t get myself in gear to go get the goodies I needed. I love how they came out, and I’ll definitely be making more 😀

Hoot! Woof!