Making progress

posted Tuesday, November 11th, 2008 by Sarah

The bars are coming along.. I’ve fixed a few bugs that I had found, as well as a memory hogging issue, and I’ve got a few people signed up to test them.  If you’re interested in testing them too, please PM me on Ravelry with your email address and API key, and I’ll email you a code snipped to use.  The flash display is somewhat customizable – you can change the color of everything as well as which type of projects are displayed, and I’m working on the ability to change some other things as well.

I got distracted from my Lizard Ridge by a super cute hoodie pattern I’m testing.. I have about 2″ of plain knitting to go on the skirt and then I can do the lace part, then finish off the sleeves and work on the hood.  The test knits I’ve seen so far look impossibly cute – I can’t wait to get a little bit more done with mine.  If i like how it turns out, I’ll probably make a bigger one for Kaia 🙂


(excuse the lensbaby shot, it was already on my camera and I didn’t feel like swapping lenses to get a quick progress shot)

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