This has to be my smallest FO, ever!

posted Saturday, May 16th, 2009 by Sarah

And it’s *tiny*, really!


Weighing in at just under a gram on my dye scale, I think this is likely to be the smallest FO I’ll ever make!  But, I totally winged the pattern, guessed at how many stitches to start with, and happily, it fits like a glove — or would that be sock?  Yes, it’s a sock for an insulin vial.  You can make one too!  All you need is some scraps of sock yarn, a size 0/2mm 32″ circular needle (or set of 5 DPN’s), and about an hour (give or take, we all knit at our own pace, afterall!)

  • CO 24sts loosely (not super loose, you just don’t want this first row to be tight), join sts and begin working in the round
    • if magic looping, you’ll want 12sts on each side
    • if using DPN’s, you’ll want 6sts on each needle
  • k1 p1 for 9 rounds
  • k 18 rounds even
  • k1 k2tog around (16sts remain)
  • k 1 round even
  • k2tog around (8sts remain)
  • break yarn and run through remaining 8sts, pull tight
  • weave in ends
  1. One Response to “This has to be my smallest FO, ever!”

  2. Hello,
    Love the little vial sock! It’s too cute.
    Your color combination for your handspun yarns (form other posts) are beautiful too. Wish I had your color sense.

    By naoko on Aug 20, 2009

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