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Ribber, ribbing!

posted Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Yay, I got it working (and I made a video of it – I’m not sure which was more of a challenge) 🙂

Ribber in Action (video)


I also finished the *pair* of Anne Carson socks, knit a pair for my sister, and a pair for me!

Anne Carson SocksPOG JuiceOlivine Beach

Stripey Bag!

posted Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Is finished! 😀


I totally love how it came out, even though it took longer to finish than I thought it would.  I only got 4 squares done while I was out of town, though I left here with 8, so that meant I only had 4 more plus all the seaming once I got back.  I almost want to make another one 🙂

I started on a new pair of socks before I left, and I’m almost done with the first one now, just another repeat and a half of the pattern, then the cuff, and I can cast on the next one. (shown when the first was only half finished)

Falling Leaves

Made a little pair of shoes for my youngest.

posted Thursday, June 5th, 2008

They are Little Button Loafers (baby booties) by Sylvia Schuchardt

Super cute, though the pattern sizes are all too small for my little man (who still wears 0-6m robeez).. I tried improvising a larger size, and while that worked out fine, they’re still on the verge of being too small.. I might have to figure out how to make them even bigger. They are still way too adorable.



And here they were without buttons 🙂


They are wicked cute. I know a few people having babies VERY soon, so I think I’ll be making a few more pairs 🙂 I even bought one of Sylvia’s patterns for adult mary jane’s, so I plan on making myself a pair as well!

Finished my Percy bag :)

posted Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Well, a few days ago really, I just didn’t get around to posting about it. I wish I’d made the strap about 4″ longer.. I made it as long as instructed, but I think a smidge longer would have been a better fit for me (darn chest.. grr). I chose not to do the pockets included with the pattern – I didn’t think I’d use them much anyways. I may at some point knit a small pouch that can slip inside the bag, but for now, I like it just as it is.

Percy Finished

I lined the inside in a fabric a bit lighter than my main yarn – I couldn’t find anything else I liked without going REALLY dark, and I didn’t want to do that… since I’d like to actually be able to see what is in there.


I’m really happy with the yarn, which was KnitPicks Comfy. It’s quite soft, and easy to work with. I liked it so much in fact, that I ordered enough to crochet an afghan out of it, since I recently got a new book and there are actually a few in there I’d like to make… I figured a crochet project would probably be more appropriate to take on vacation with me later this month than any knitting, though I may take enough yarn and needles to get started on a couple pairs of socks too.

I also CO a new project, the Megathy top that recently showed up on Ravelry. I thought it was really cute 🙂 I’ve had a few issues with not really understanding the pattern, but the designer is helping me work those out. I’ve actually finished one side, and have just begun work on the second.. so it’s going fairly quickly, and I should have it done by the end of the week. I think I am going to end up using less yarn than the pattern called for as well – I bought 7 balls, and the first half took less than 3.


Don’t think I’ll be finishing Odin’s cardigan before our trip.. it’s really intended for this fall anyways, but since it is often chilly in the mountains, particularly in the evenings, I had sort of hoped to make more progress on it so I could bring it… oops 🙂 I still have more than a week left though, so it’s possible I can finish it, but unlikely.

Percy Progress

posted Sunday, June 1st, 2008

It’s coming along… I’ve finished knitting the main portion, and as soon as I finish stitching on my crochet block I will work on the strap and the inner pocket. I also need to figure out what I’m using for the lining.


And yes, if you couldn’t guess, I love those blocks 🙂 I want to get the book those are in and see what other interesting ones there are..