I created these ruffles as a solution to the exponential ruffles that became so popular a few years ago, but resulted in a gazillion stitches to knit and tended to curl up and not look very nice.  Since these ruffles are a ribbing adaptation, they look nice, and the structure of the knit means fewer increases to get a nice “ruffle” effect.

Feel free to utilize this design for your personal or paid knitting, however do NOT copy it as part of a published pattern (online or print) without contacting me first for permission.

Ruffle Close Up

m1t = make one towards
m1a = make one away
(see knittinghelp.com for details)

You may also use m1f and m1b, but I find those to be a bit fiddly, and a super tight increase isn’t really necessary here.  You could even just do YO’s if you didn’t mind eyelets in the finished work.

(multiple of 4 stitches needed – you can also start with a multiple of 3, and do a Row 0 that would consist of [k3 m1] repeat around)
Row 1: [k3 p1] repeat around
Row 2: [k3 m1t p1 m1a] repeat around
Rows 3 and 4: [k3 p3] repeat around (could skip row 4 for a shorter ruffle)
Row 5: [k3 m1t p3 m1a] repeat around
Row 6: [k3 p5] repeat around
Row 7: [k3 m1t p5 m1a] repeat around
Row 8: [k3 p7] repeat around
Row 9: BO all sts