Maker Faire!

posted Monday, October 20th, 2008

I totally had a blast. Lost of people stopped by to see us, and Shelly and I were super busy the entire weekend! I managed to crank out one pair of socks Saturday morning in about 45 minutes, which I then took off the machine but left attached to each other, so Shelly and I could show what a pair looks like fresh off the machine. That worked REALLY well for demonstration purposes – quite a few people commented that I must not know what a foot looks like, since it was hard to make out just how what came off the machine became socks, but it was great to be able to show them all the parts of a sock, and how it all comes together when you separate them and close the toes. Most people were surprised that there was very little difference structurally between the socks we make on our antique machines, and the new ones you can go pick up at any store.

Shelly and I both have a lot of ideas on how to make things go a little smoother next year (or for any CSM demo, really).

sock knitter

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Yeah, that’s me – I was putting tags on socks!