Ravelry Flash for Everyone!

posted Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Casey was kind enough to host the Ravelry flash bars I developed for my own blog directly on Ravelry, so if you’ve been coveting these and weren’t able to get the sample code from me, as long as you are using a blog system capable of handling them (anything that allows embedding flash), and you can figure out how to format the link correctly and get the code on your site/blog you can get your own!

Check out my Ravelry Flash Bars page for instructions 😀

Notice something new?

posted Friday, November 7th, 2008

All this week I’ve been working on a Flash widget version of the Ravelry Progress bars – it’s currently displaying my FO’s in the sidebar.  I’ve got a few more tweaks to do, and I want to add a few more features and I need to clean up my code a bit (okay, a lot) and add some more error handling, but it’s a huge step towards enabling those who can’t use JavaScript on their blogs to have access to Ravelry’s JSON output and add their WIP’s or FO’s to their sidebarstoo. I’m hoping that Casey will officially adopt it for Ravelry (and host the SWF file) when it’s completely finished.  Right now since I’m hosting it and I don’t want to unleash a can of worms, it’s not available for use by anyone else yet.  I will also release my source files when it’s all finished, for any Flash developers out there who want to play/tweak on their own 🙂

As if learning Flash and Actionscript 3.0 this past week wasn’t enough, the day before Halloween I decided to start on a *second* Lizard Ridge!  I’ve had the yarn for a few months and I was originally considering another blanket pattern, but the appeal of doing another LR was just too great, and I got started.  I’m knitting it all in one peice – no blocks or panels, and one week later I’m exactly 25% finished (6 pattern repeats in), and making steady progress.  I’m hoping to knock this out fairly quickly so that I can move onto some other smaller projects I’d like to get finished before the holidays.

I am absolutely loving how the colors (colorway #183) have been working out.

Lizard Ridge #2

Celebrating Colleen at TLC was a resounding success, raising approximately $12,000 for Colleen’s kids.  I am just in awe at the generosity of all who were able to donate items for sale/auction/raffle, as well as those who spent freely to help show her family just how much she was loved, and will be missed.  I did my part by bidding on and winning the Vespa Handspun, which was spun by Sara from fiber dyed by Colleen.  This yarn is beyond beautiful.  I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make with it yet, but I figure I have a little while to decide – and even if I just stare at the yarn for a while, that’s okay to 🙂  It’s kind of hard not to – like I said, it’s GORGEOUS!

Vespa Handspun