Another ribby pair, and some blog tweaks :)

posted Thursday, July 17th, 2008

I am thrilled with these… 2×1 ribbing, all the way down the foot. I had some (serious) issues with each sock, but thankfully because of where the problems were located, I did my best to just forget about it while my work was on the machine, I was able to confidently handle both of those when I was finished – which was MUCH simpler than trying to deal with it on the machine.  These are short ankle length socks since they are knit from the leftovers of the first pair.. I tried a picot hem on the top to see how it would work/function, and I think it would be fine on a taller pair of socks.. it’s a little loose around the ankle though, but this pair was more of an experiment than anything else, so I’ll just keep that in mind for next time.  Aside from being a smidge loose at the tome, these are a nice length though, and the hem even looks cute folded over, so it’s all good.

short ribby socks

Blog Tweaks

I don’t know how many readers there are out there that might have noticed, but my progress bars have been MIA a few times over the past few days as I have been tweaking the code for them (a lot). I’ve generally made a grand mess of things and I need to sit down and clean up my both my CSS and my code (I have bits commented out all over the place, and I’m doing with three files what I think *could* be done with just one), but I got a few things working that have been bothering me for a while.


  • Added day of the month to the started/finished dates (originally ravelry had no day field)
  • Added finished date to FO’s (since this was recently added to the JSON, along with a few other fields)
  • Added a “recent FO’s” section to my sidebar – since a lot of my projects don’t actually end up being “in-progress” at all, I thought this was a nice addition
  • Added happiness info (thanks to code provided by pocketsize on Ravelry) to my sidebar and on the FO’s gallery page
  • Overlayed happiness/comments/favorited info on my project thumbnail on the sidebar images.  That’s something I’d been wanting to get working for a while, I just abandoned it a while back not wanting to deal with the CSS (it really wasn’t that hard though, I’m just lazy).  I even made super tiny icons to go with that, but I’m not completely happy with the smileys… I wish they were clearer, but I haven’t yet found any the size I want, and attempts to make my own have ended in failure.
  • Added titles to the comments and favorites, so you get a ‘tooltip’ with more information

Things I want to do:

  • Show the medium flickr image when you rollover the thumbnails.  Not sure how I want to do that exactly, or where to even start with the code, but since I added the little rollovers to the comments and favorites, it had me thinking about those thumbnails. Solved this by using lightbox, and tweaking my code to include a link to flickr in the image caption to abide by their TOS.  Pretty happy with this, though I’d like to include more project information in the caption, but I’ll work on that later.
  • I’ve been trying to decide if I want to do anything with my notes info as well.  I don’t reliably utilize this on ravelry now – sometimes I include useful information, and sometimes I don’t, and sometimes what I put is a little bit cryptic. Decided I don’t need to do anything here 🙂
  • I would also like to get some math working to display the amount of time it took to complete a project.  So if something was a one-day project for me, I think it would be nice if my FO page reflected that… and likewise, if something took a while, I think that can be helpful to see as well. Done!  I’d like to make it a little better (display weeks and days for projects that take a while – say more than 30 days) but for now it’s a good start – most projects only take me a few days anyways. Ok, I’m really DONE now!
  • I want to break hibernating projects out and reformat them.  Currently they are marked as hibernating by a small addition of code, but I’d like to be able to apply specific CSS to them that would be different than the “active” progress bars.  Currently the recent FO’s and the active bars use essentially the same CSS, and I’m fine with that – the FO’s of course just don’t include the progress bar itself. Done!

Ribby Socks!

posted Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

I got brave and tried a pair of ribbed socks this morning. I only dropped one stitch, and that was when I was transferring the ribbing stitches on the first sock onto cylinder needles – I didn’t make sure the last one had an open latch, and thus it dropped when I went around and attempted to knit it. BUT, being a purl stitch, it was super easy to pick those stitches up (since those are knit on the inside), so it wasn’t a problem at all.

Rib Socks

I’m quite happy with them, and it was WAY easier than I expected! Maybe tomorrow I’ll try a pair with a ribbed foot too 🙂

Rib Socks

The yarn is the new Imagination sock yarn from KnitPicks – it’s really nice, very soft, and the colors are pretty neat too!

Itty bitty hats!

posted Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

I’ve been on a roll with these, but they’re SO cute and don’t take hardly any yarn at all… the handspun ones will be stocked as part of the “Help bring Zen String back” stocking planned for July 29th at TLC. They represent only a *tiny* portion of the generosity displayed by everyone – I have quite a few other things planned myself, and the number of people wanting to get involved and donate has been incredible!


I also made some more KK Sippy Kozies to stock in my HC store… I’ll be working on 18oz and 27oz versions soon 🙂 I really like how the campfire one came out.. such perfect spiraling stripes!


I cranked out another pair of socks today :)

posted Friday, July 11th, 2008

My friend Lamar commented that she hadn’t yet seen any of her sock yarn knitted up, so I told her I’d do something about that… and made these this morning.




I am totally thrilled with them, and I think I am deeming them my first official successful CSM socks – they fit great (they look a little slouchy in the photos, but I hadn’t yet washed them), and there’s no major issues with them (aka nothing horrible happened while knitting). I think I’m getting better – I’m certainly getting faster. I’d say they took me about an hour and a half, with interruptions.

Klean Kanteen Kozy

posted Friday, July 11th, 2008

Klean Kanteen Kozy

Klean Kanteen Kozy Bottom

Made from the remnants of a failed CSM sock, I took what was left after being partially frogged, shoved some elastic through the hung hem, and hand finished the bottom.. I love how it came out.

I wrote up the pattern here – or you can download the PDF version

And it’s also listed on Ravelry now (also with the same PDF download, if you’d like to store it in your library or add it to your queue)