Zen String, in Full Swing!

posted Thursday, July 31st, 2008

As our fundraiser to help get Angelina back on her feet is coming to a close, I just wanted to thank each and EVERY one of you out there who either donated items for the raffles and auctions, or has contributed by buying raffle tickets and bidding on auctions, as well as those who have supported Angelina privately – your generosity has vastly exceeded our wildest expectations.  We have surpassed our goal (and then some) for the entire event with just the raffle ticket sales alone.  I am just astounded by all involved.  Angelina is an amazing fiber artist – we definitely miss her tons, as I am sure most of you do too, and we cannot wait to have her back in action. :mrgreen:

Georgia’s generous donation of a 6 month subscription to her Booty Club that we have paired with 4 gorgeous colorways from Angelina on various yarns (below – they are awesome, aren’t they?) has without a doubt drawn in the most supporters (and raffle ticket sales) – I don’t think we can thank her enough for that.  I think Georgia herself might be a bit surprised at just how much she was able to help us earn (I think we are planning to annouce the final numbers when everything is finished – which should be Saturday sometime)


If you are just hearing about this now, don’t worry, there’s still time to buy raffle tickets!  Sales end tonight (Friday) at 9pm though, so don’t delay – winners will be announced Saturday.  Some of the auctions will continue into Saturday as well… such as this handspun and hand woven scarf that I donated (yeah, that isn’t a shameless plug for myself!).  It was probably one of my favorite FO’s of all time (next to my most awesome socks, of course)!