I am in love!

posted Monday, July 21st, 2008

Look what came today!  I ordered this not quite two weeks ago (I think it’s two weeks tomorrow?) from Crazy Monkey Creations.. and it was custom built for me last week, and shipped to me on Thursday!  Talk about FAST service for something built to order 🙂   I ordered the 2 yard electric model.  It’s not enormous either – which means it will be easy to keep out of the way when I’m not using it, unlike my PVC monster.

New toy!

It is beyond fabulous.. beautifully designed and beautifully crafted, and much much much better than my super cheap PVC skeiner that I kept whacking my hand on while skeining 🙂

I love the “fingers” on the arms.. so graceful.  I think that’s my favorite part (well, after the whole being electric bit)!  There are marks on the arms to easily measure out 1 yard, 1.5 yard, and 2 yard skeins, but you can go anywhere inbetween there, even smaller and a little bit bigger.  There are little clips on two of the arms to hold your yarn too – no more tying knots, and the clips actually hold VERY well!

New toy!

And I repurposed parts of my old skeiner.. to make a yarn mast to assist in winding cones!  Since the skeiner goes faster than I could ever hope to safely hold the yarn to guide it off the cone, this was sort of necessary.  I am going to redesign it a bit when I feel like cutting the PVC to work better, and then I plan on filling it with plaster to weigh it down and stop it from wobbling, but even considering that, it still worked very well (oh yeah, and the scale… that’s how I measure skeins.. shh!)

Yarn mast

After assembling it (took about 5 minutes), in less than 10 minutes I had skeined nearly 2lbs of BFL, and 2 4oz skeins of laceweight.  Yeah, I think this is an improvement – all that would have taken me well over an hour before!