This has to be my smallest FO, ever!

posted Saturday, May 16th, 2009

And it’s *tiny*, really!


Weighing in at just under a gram on my dye scale, I think this is likely to be the smallest FO I’ll ever make!  But, I totally winged the pattern, guessed at how many stitches to start with, and happily, it fits like a glove — or would that be sock?  Yes, it’s a sock for an insulin vial.  You can make one too!  All you need is some scraps of sock yarn, a size 0/2mm 32″ circular needle (or set of 5 DPN’s), and about an hour (give or take, we all knit at our own pace, afterall!)

  • CO 24sts loosely (not super loose, you just don’t want this first row to be tight), join sts and begin working in the round
    • if magic looping, you’ll want 12sts on each side
    • if using DPN’s, you’ll want 6sts on each needle
  • k1 p1 for 9 rounds
  • k 18 rounds even
  • k1 k2tog around (16sts remain)
  • k 1 round even
  • k2tog around (8sts remain)
  • break yarn and run through remaining 8sts, pull tight
  • weave in ends

Things I’ve learned about ribbing on a CSM

posted Thursday, July 24th, 2008

  • If it doesn’t work, take it apart, clean everything (again) and keep trying
  • If the stitches don’t clear the latches (easily, on their own), and you’re using plenty of weight, your ribber dial is TOO HIGH.  It’s not a tension issue or a needle issue, it’s simply because the dial isn’t adjusted properly.  It seems counter intuitive to lower it, but it has to be lower for the needles to work correctly
  • Stitch tension adjustment is very touchy – a small adjustment makes a BIG difference!  It’s not like the v-cam tension at all
  • Ribber timing is tricky – just when you think you have it, you have to tweak it again.  Make TINY adjustments.  A quarter turn of that screw can make a big difference.  An entire turn might be WAY WAY WAY too much!
  • If you yarn carrier is not where it needs to be, that can cause all kinds of problems
    • You might break/bend latches (and possibly destroy needles entirely)
    • Latches won’t open
    • Your timing will seem off, when it really isn’t, the needle just can’t grab the yarn

When you get it all right, it sings 🙂  You can crank out an entire ribbed sock with no trouble at all… amazing!

Ribbed Sock